Online research

We carry out research through an online panel, a database of registered users of the VK and Odnoklassniki social networks who have agreed to participate in surveys.

How is this panel different?

You can use geo-location to choose your survey panellists
Panellists receive non-material rewards
Tailored panellist selection: expanded online surveys reflecting over 300 interests, and using Big Data, psychographics
To participate, simply register on VK or Odnoklassniki
The first ever mixed panel comprising 1,850,000 panellists and over 100 million Mail.Ru Group service users
Impressive geographical reach – from villages to major cities
Big Data used to verify survey data

How can using a panel help you?

Find and test target audiences for products and services

Evaluate real and potential demand

Compile consumer portraits, map their preferences

Assess service quality and evaluate consumer loyalty

Test new products and services

Analyse advertisement impact

Identify your position in relation to market competitors

Why you can trust our research

Find out more

Our systems open up website access to millions of potential survey participants
who are ready and willing to share their opinions.